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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Virtual Keyboard?

  2. This Virtual Keyboard is the most convenient web site providing service of international keyboard layouts online. There are similar services around, but we can proudly state that our site is the most friendly in both terms of typing convenience and our interface look-and-feel, which is intended to be as much office/workplace-friendly as possible.
  3. How do I use it?

  4. Go to the Customize! menu, find the keyboard layout (one or multiple) you prefer to use, check the checkboxes and click Submit button. That simple. The page you see now is a Virtual Keyboard customized for you! Now you can use the languages or layouts you prefer, and you can add this page to your favorites, add it to social bookmarking site of your choice (use the button near the site title), or save the URL in any other way.
  5. Which OSes and browsers are supported?

  6. Virtual Keyboard is not OS-dependent, and we try to make it as much browser-independent as possible. We use simplest Javascript possible, minimal or no Ajax techniques, and minimal browser-specific code.
  7. Hey, make it simple: does it work on Linux or Mac?

  8. Yes. It works with Firefox on Linux, and also it should work with Safari on Mac (although some fancy features might not be supported on Safari.) It works on Opera browser also. It works on all of the above browsers under Windows, of course. It should work everywhere.
  9. Is it free?

  10. Yes, this service is and will stay free. Period.
  11. Which languages are supported right now?

  12. A better question would be "which keyboard layouts are supported", since some languages use more than one alphabet, and in some countries people use different keyboard layouts even for the same alphabet.
    Right now we support Russian (standard and phonetic), Ukrainian (also, standard and phonetic), Hebrew, Armenian, Georgian, French, Greek, Polish. Two Indic scripts are also supported: Tamil and Punjabi, and it's up to your browser to display the characters in correct orders. Same applies to Hebrew, when written with diacritic marks. The above three belong to so called complex scripts. Typically, most popular browsers today correctly support complex scripts. (Internet Explorer 6.0 might not always support those languages.)
  13. Which languages will be supported?

  14. We're going to add support of most Eastern and Western European languages very soon. All Indic scripts will be also supported. Korean Hangul is going to be supported for sure. Implementing Japanese and Chinese sounds more complicated and will take more effort, but at the end we intend to do that too. Follow our updates!
  15. Do I have to have anything installed on my computer?

  16. Your browser with Javascript support should be enough. I.e. if you are not a fan of antique computers, you should have no problem using our site.
  17. What about the copyright?

  18. This whole site is a property of the author, which is the owner of domain (as registered by February, 2008 with the domain registrator.) The code might not be redistributed in any form, neither in whole or in parts.
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