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Virtual Keyboard on INTERTYPE.ORG

This Virtual Keyboard is the most convenient web site providing service of international keyboard layouts online. There are similar services around, but we can proudly state that our site is the most friendly in both terms of typing convenience and our interface look-and-feel, which is intended to be as much office/workplace-friendly as possible.

Go to the Customize! menu, find the keyboard layout (one or multiple) you prefer to use, check the checkboxes and click Submit button. That simple. The page you see now is a Virtual Keyboard customized for you! Now you can use the languages or layouts you prefer, and you can add this page to your favorites, add it to social bookmarking site of your choice (use the button near the site title), or save the URL in any other way.

Polish (Standard) -- Polish Standard Layout

QWERTZ is the standard Polish keyboard layout. In QWERTZ keyboard the diacritic marks are entered using the Alt-key. Wikipedia about QWERTZ layout

Polish (Standard) -- Standardowy Układ Polski

QWERTZ jest standardowym polskiej klawiatury. W QWERTZ diakrytyczny z klawiatury znaki są wprowadzane za pomocą klawisz Alt. Wikipedia na temat układu QWERTZ
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